A Lesson From Prince

The late rock ’n roll artist has a lesson for us concerning the importance of creative content. That Prince was a legend in his industry of course is undisputed. They say he mastered 27 instruments in his brief 58 year life and produced some of the most enduring rock songs and ballads in the history of the genre. “Purple Rain”, “1999”, “When Doves Cry”, “Raspberry Beret”, “Let’s Go Crazy”; “Little Red Corvette”; “Diamonds and Pearls”; the list is almost endless.

But Prince was a small, skinny boy from a broken home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In school, his classmates felt sorry for him because his family didn’t seem to want him. And of course he received his share of bullying and derision and acted out as many troubled teenagers do. But he was a musical prodigy and was determined to succeed. He had a unique sense of style and displayed his very personal take on fashion at every opportunity.

Minneapolis at that time, while an important city indeed, certainly was not the center of rock ’n roll history as was Memphis, New Orleans, New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Baltimore, Philly, Cleveland, Nashville, San Francisco, London, and other larger and more influential cities in the development of rock ’n roll. In fact, the “dance rock” sound created by Morris Day and Prince were the key components of bringing Minneapolis into the spotlight of rock ’n roll. Suddenly musicians were flocking to that city to hear and learn this new sound.

But this is just a blog about advertising so what’s the point here? The point is only this: a dedication to the importance of the creative process and it’s resulting content is the most important ingredient in establishing any brand. The skinny kid from Minneapolis became a household name around the world in about 30 years. He did not do this just because he was a musical prodigy though that was crucial. Because the world is full of incredibly talented people who never achieve the levels of someone like Prince. It was his dedication to his craft that made him a global icon.

It is important to note, that in an age of a technological revolution, and the trillions of contacts it creates everyday, it is still creative content that will ensure being remembered. The digital age may bring you Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and all the other great social media “numbers”. But 7 billion photos of people drinking beer at a ballgame will not be remembered beyond the next week. On the other hand, if you hear “Purple Rain” once, you will most likely never forget it.

We dedicate ourselves to creating the best content we can everyday. We hope you will too. Because it requires both client and agency to achieve campaigns that are remembered for years and years to come.

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